When travelling in New South Wales, trust Silver Service for a baby seat taxi service that prioritises your little ones’ safety. Our taxis offer high-quality child seats available upon request when booking, providing peace of mind for your entire family.

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Baby Seat Taxis with Silver Service

Travelling with little ones requires extra care, and that’s why our baby seat taxi service in New South Wales is designed with your peace of mind and your child’s safety as our top priority. Our cab service provides a smooth and worry-free journey for families travelling with young children.

Choosing our taxi company means opting for a high-quality taxi experience every time you ride with us. Whether you need a ride to the airport, a family event or a doctor’s appointment, we’re here to make your travels with your little one as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Do taxis in Australia have baby seats?

Yes, Silver Service provides baby seat options specifically designed for families travelling with young children in Australia. To ensure availability, please request a child seat when booking your taxi. Our NSW fleet is equipped with top-of-the-line child seats that comply with Australian standards for a secure and hassle-free trip for your entire family.

As a reliable taxi company, we go the extra mile for families. Our specialised baby seats ensure a comfortable ride for even the youngest passengers. We streamline the travel process by having professional Drivers who are knowledgeable about the routes in New South Wales, which helps minimise stress and provide loved ones with peace of mind.

Can you get a taxi with a baby seat in NSW?

Absolutely! We offer baby seat taxis exclusively in New South Wales. Our taxis are prepared to accommodate young children with a variety of child restraint seats, including toddler seats and adjustable car seats.

For guaranteed availability on your trip, simply request a child seat when booking your taxi. This guarantees a comfortable and safe journey for your little ones across NSW, whether you need a pick-up from home or a drop-off at the airport.

At Silver Service, we go beyond baby seat taxis. We offer comprehensive transport services throughout New South Wales, including airport transfers and chauffeur services.

Our professional Drivers are committed to your comfort and convenience. This means you can relax and focus on what matters most—your family.

What is the price for a baby seat taxi in NSW?

The cost of a baby seat taxi in New South Wales with Silver Service depends on the distance and duration of your trip. Get a quote using our handy Fare Estimator tool on our website. This tool factors in your pick-up and drop-off locations within NSW, so you can book with confidence, knowing the upfront cost.

For added convenience, book through the Silver Service App and enjoy a Price Guarantee, which means the quoted price is what you pay. Our App also allows you to select your preferred payment method, such as Cabcharge, cash, debit or credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

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How do I book a taxi with a baby seat in NSW?

We make it simple and convenient to book a baby seat taxi in New South Wales for your little ones’ safety and comfort. Whether you need a taxi right away or prefer to pre-book for a later time, we offer several booking methods suited to your needs:

  • Silver Service App: Experience easy taxi booking through the Silver Service App, designed to make your booking process as smooth as possible. Our App allows you to clearly specify your need for a baby seat when booking your taxi with just a few taps.
  • Website: Booking through our website is another convenient option for securing a taxi with a baby seat. Our Silver Service online booking platform allows you to select a child car seat during the booking process, making it easy to schedule your ride in advance.
  • Phone: If you prefer personal interaction or have specific questions, our phone booking service is available around the clock. Dial 133 100 to speak directly with one of our friendly representatives who can arrange your ride and make sure a child car seat is available for your little one.


Can young children ride in a taxi without car seats in Australia?

In New South Wales, the law requires all young children to use a child seat when travelling in a taxi. Depending on their age and size, children may require a car seat or booster seat, or they must be secured with a properly fastened seatbelt.

We comply with these regulations by providing access to high-quality car seats upon request when booking your Silver Service taxi. Book your next ride with Silver Service and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your little ones are well-protected!

Can I take a newborn baby in an Australian taxi?

Yes, you can take newborn babies in an Australian taxi, but they must be secured in an appropriate baby capsule or baby car seat that’s properly fastened and adjusted. We ensure compliance with national child restraint laws by offering high-quality baby seats.

Remember to request a baby car seat when booking your Silver Service taxi to guarantee its availability for your trip. Book a ride with Silver Service today!

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